JP Franklin FX is committed to not only increasing your capital, but protecting it.

Premium Trading

JP Franklin FX is a New Zealand-based professional trading company with over 30 years’ trading experience. All funds are held by OX securities, a trusted Australian-owned and operated global broker. OX securities is authorized and regulated by ASIC to manage third party assets.

We give the average person the opportunity to invest in the Forex market without having to become a professional trader. Our small minimum deposits ensure everybody has the opportunity to enjoy the power of Forex trading at a level they can participate.

We have stop losses in place on ALL trades. We risk no more than 1.0% of your account balance per trade. For example, a $50,000 account would be subject to $500 risked per trade (our average risk is 0.5%).

Integrity and Transparency

All performance verified by FX Blue, an independent third party verification company, widely respected in the industry.

We attach great importance to the safety of our client funds.  At ox securities your funds are segregated from company funds, and held with an AA grade Australian bank.  Your funds are always safe with ox securities.

Who Should Go For A JP Franklin FX Managed Forex Account?

Our managed Forex accounts are ideal for you if you want to

 invest your capital but lack time and/or skills to manage and monitor a Forex account
  experiment in trading without becoming a professional trader
  leave your trading in the trusted hands of experienced professionals
  expand into Forex without active involvement
benefit from the experience and resources of professional fund managers

Trading by yourself without expert knowledge in financial markets is highly likely to lead to the loss of money in your trading account.

What Do We Do?

  • Help with coordination of the account opening process
  • Offer only verified trading strategies
  • Communicate in a transparent fashion
  • Take care of client communication so money managers can focus on trading
  • Limit the amount of money that is at risk on any given trade using a stop loss

There are numerous scams in the Forex industry, which take advantage of uneducated people wanting to get involved in trading. We provide a legitimate and transparent service based on our values of integrity and honesty.

Got more Questions?

See our FAQs here.

Our Broker

Ox Securities is an Australian based broker established in 2013 and founded on integrity, honesty and transparency. It has its roots in the wholesale FX market in Australia and over the past few years has experienced significant growth globally. Ox Securities is ASIC regulated (AFSL 438402)