Let Our Experienced Traders Manage Your Wealth Portfolio


Let Us Make Forex Trading Easy For You

How Do JP Franklin FX Managed Accounts Work?


Set up your own independent account

You are the owner of your own account and have complete control. You can start with a minimum deposit of only 20K, which can be funded in any currency.


Assign us trading rights

All members’ funds are independent of JP Franklin FX. You simply sign over limited power of attorney allowing us to trade on your behalf. We cannot withdraw your money.


Relax and watch your wealth portfolio grow

Our experienced and trusted traders will take care of everything for you. You can access your account 24/7 to check profits, deposit and withdraw funds.

About Us

Welcome to JP Franklin FX. We are a New Zealand-based professional trading company with over 30 years’ trading experience. We work closely with our clients to provide best-in-business financial expertise to help them manage uncertainties and invest judiciously. Our year-to-year growth has been exponential and supported by our ever expanding network of business. We take great pride in developing personal relationships with our clients and we show online verified performance by independent audit company MYFXBOOK so you can see a trustful review of the different strategies we offer.

Why Choose JP Franklin FX?

Monthly Profit

5.31% average monthly return.

Expert Traders

30+ year’s trading experience

Superior Brokers

Fully regulated and reputable

Consistent Results

Portfolio of profitable strategies


Monitor trading in real-time.

Quick and Easy Setup

Simple and secure account

Our Commitment To You

We provide you the opportunity to enter the Forex Market backed by our team’s extensive experience and expertise. We deliver a high success rate with no long term commitments. With JP Franklin you get a low-stress competitive return while maintaining full control of your investment account.

Benefits include:

– Help with coordination of the account opening process
– Verified trading strategies
– Transparent communication
– Stop losses to limit the amount of money at risk on any given trade.*

*Stop losses are not guaranteed and can suffer slippage and greater than expected loss during unexpected events and market crashes.

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